Our Approach

At Outside The Box Construction, our approach is always to solve your problems. We know that headaches aren’t the best feeling and want to take all of those away. We do professional remodeling, home construction from beginning to end, and even the huge commercial projects that take entire teams and engineers to get finished. When it’s all said and done, we’re the guys and gals that will do the job no one else could at the very best quality.

Meet the Team

Want to know who runs Outside The Box Construction? Here they are! We are a team that works together everyday to make our customers’ lives better.

Don Liotta - Outside The Box Construction

Regan McCook


Don Liotta is the man with the plan and never lets someone down when it comes to taking on a project

Cartersville Construction - Outside The Box Construction

Chris Walker

Project Manager

Chris Walker manages all the projects that Outside the Box Construction takes on from beginning to end.

Cartersville Construction - Outside The Box Construction

Scotty Snow


Scotty Snow is the guy that has the solution for any problem (MacGyver Explanation) that comes up or will figure it out to get the job done right.

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